WBI Bull|Bear Value 3000 ETF






As of 06/28/2022


$42.79 (MM)
As of 06/28/2022

WBI’s Unique Active Management

Utilized for nearly 30 years, WBI’s active investment process seeks to manage risk to capital, unleash the benefits of compounding, and grow capital efficiently through good and bad market cycles. So how does WBIF find value?

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Stock Selection Process

WBIF is an active ETF focused on global small-, mid- and large-cap value stocks that pay dividends. The fund seeks to manage risk to capital while providing attractive returns and long-term growth of capital. The rigorous stock selection process targets the highest quality value stocks.

Active Risk Management

WBIF is designed to participate in market advances and protect capital during market declines. With WBI’s time-tested active risk management, it is a great tool to pair with passive ETFs to reduce down-market correlation, volatility, and loss of capital.


  • Daily Holdings:
    06/29/2022WBIFCash&OtherCash&OtherCash & Other16,265,2821.00000016265282.1438.02%42788432.94143831528Y
    06/29/2022WBIFBKR05722G100BAKER HUGHES COMPANY70,34830.0700002115364.364.94%42788432.941438315280.00
    06/29/2022WBIFGD369550108GENERAL DYNAMICS CORP9,059220.4900001997418.914.67%42788432.941438315280.00
    06/29/2022WBIFIBM459200101INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHS COM13,886141.8600001969867.964.60%42788432.941438315280.00
    06/29/2022WBIFUNM91529Y106UNUM GROUP55,30634.4400001904738.644.45%42788432.941438315280.00
    06/29/2022WBIFXOM30231G102EXXON MOBIL CORP19,95091.5000001825425.004.27%42788432.941438315280.00
    06/29/2022WBIFMRK58933Y105MERCK & CO INC19,63291.8900001803984.484.22%42788432.941438315280.00
    06/29/2022WBIFJNJ478160104JOHNSON & JOHNSON10,139176.9400001793994.664.19%42788432.941438315280.00
    06/29/2022WBIFBMY110122108BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB CO22,35578.7000001759338.504.11%42788432.941438315280.00
    06/29/2022WBIFUNH91324P102UNITEDHEALTH GROUP INC3,415508.4400001736322.604.06%42788432.941438315280.00
    06/29/2022WBIFHUM444859102HUMANA INC3,764461.4025001736719.014.06%42788432.941438315282964.15
    06/29/2022WBIFCSX126408103CSX CORP58,94129.1400001717540.744.01%42788432.941438315280.00
    06/29/2022WBIFABBV00287Y109ABBVIE INC11,226152.4900001711852.744.00%42788432.941438315280.00
    06/29/2022WBIFADP053015103AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING INC COM7,830214.0600001676089.803.92%42788432.941438315280.00
    06/29/2022WBIFPFE717081103PFIZER INC28,62850.6600001450294.483.39%42788432.941438315280.00
    06/29/2022WBIFLUMN550241103LUMEN TECHNOLOGIES INC112,33511.2500001263768.752.95%42788432.941438315280.00

An investment in the Fund is subject to investment risk, including the possible loss of principal amount invested. There is no guarantee the Advisor’s investment strategy will be successful. Value style investing involves the risk that an investment made in undervalued securities may not appreciate in value as anticipated or remain undervalued for long periods of time. To the extent that the Fund invests in dividend-paying equities, if stocks held by the Fund reduce or stop paying dividends, the Fund’s ability to generate income may be affected. Small and medium capitalization companies may involve greater volatility and risk than investing in larger and more established companies. Foreign and emerging market securities carry additional risks such as currency fluctuation, economic or financial instability, lack of timely or reliable financial information, or unfavorable political or legal developments. For a full list of investment risks associated with the fund including but not limited to Debt Risk, High Yield Securities Risk, Cash Position Risk, Portfolio Turnover Risk, Quantitative Model Risk, Master Limited Partnership Risk, and Real-Estate Investment Trust Risk please read the prospectus.